"There was not a dry eye in our living room the day we received the painting of our precious pup Bailey. We miss him dearly and seeing his cute face on the canvas just made us feel so happy. We hung the painting up in the living room right away and now he is here with us, always. Zita captured the soul of our precious one. Thank you so much, we cherish it and love him." Shannon and Terry K.

"We have been wanting to get some paintings done of our dogs for many years, but all other places were charging way too much which we could not afford. When we came across Zita's website and saw her great prices we were thrilled to be able to finally get these paintings ordered. The process was simple and easy. We sent the photos and within a few weeks we received our paintings. We were amazed with the detail and accuracy of our dogs faces. Zita sure got it right. Good job! " Phil and Karen P.

"My children got me this amazing painting of my beloved dog Zeke for Mother's Day last year. I just cried when I saw it. How accurate and well done it is. I hung it on my wall right away and it has been there ever since. Thank you for allowing my angel to be with me forever." Jill R. 

 "Holy crap are you ever talented. I got the painting yesterday, it looks AWESOME!!!. you really captured the essence of the little pup. It looks really really good and I'm going to find a worthy frame this weekend. Thank you very much for that, I just have never seen a painting that actually looks like the subject. :0)" Adam L.

"For Father's Day, my daughter surprised me with a painting of my forever Collie friend whom I miss dearly. He truly was my best friend for 14 years. Now that I can see his precious face on this painting every day I feel a bit better. The artist did an amazing job of bringing out my dog's personality. The light and colours are amazing. Thank you for brightenning up my days." Jimmy S.

"I received this painting of my precious cat Ellie from my daughter for my birthday. Wow, is it ever real and lively? Excellent work on the detail and colour. I had always wanted a painting of him and now I got it and love it. Thank you so much. It has made my month." Irine K.

"My sister got me a painting for my birthday of my best friend Galla. I love her and this is such an amazing way to celebrate her and how much I appreciate her. The painting is in my living room and it looks awesome. Everyone comments on it when they see it. I think my dog knows it's of her as she often looks at it. Pretty cute. Thanks for an excellent gift." Allan D.

"My brother ordered this painting for me of our family pet growing up. She was all of our's best friend when we were kids and having her look at me every day now is so great. It sure brings back many memories of our fun childhood together. I cried when I first saw it as it was such a powerful feeling to see her so real again. Thank you so much for this incredible memory." Kelly P.

"One of my friends got me this painting of my best dog friend Oger whom was becoming a senior. The artist really captured his face and personality in a real way. The colours are perfect and his expression is impeccable. Way to go! i love it. Thanks." John K.

"My new boyfriend impressed me with this amazing painting of my cat for xmas. I just love it. The painting is so real and my cat just jumps off the canvas. It was a great way to earn some points in our relationship that;s for sure. Thank you to the artist for doing such a great job." Tracy M.

"Our friend had gifted us with a great painting of our cute puppy Ollie and we just love it. My wife cried when she saw it as our pup is getting up there in age and we know that we will have this amazing painting of him on our wall forever. Thank you for allowing us to keep him close to us always." Bob and Lindy W.

"Our son gave us this lovely present for our wedding anniversary of our much loved dog Cindy. She is our senior companion and we adore her. The painting is amazing at capturing her true facial expression and colours. We have never thought to have a painting done as we did not think that it would look real. This one sure does. Thank you for this very special gift." Anna and John L.

"I received Zita's painting of 'Sammy' as a gift and was really amazed at the quality of her work. The painting of Sammy is truly an excellent rendition of his likeness and I waisted no time in hanging it on my wall. I subsequently have found a frame for it and it looks just great. Thank you so much." Joan D.

"Hi Zita. Just a quick note to thank you so much for the excellent painting of 'Buddy'. It's really amazing. I've hung it in my front hallway for all to see. Thanks again." Steve R.

"Thank you for the painting of my best friend, Scruffy. I just received it in the mail today right on time as you predicted. Wow, are you ever talented! This looks exactly like him on the photograph I sent you. I am very impressed. I love it and will cherish it forever. All the best to you and the animals!" Sandy

"Seriously Zita,Thank You SO much! That is the most thoughtful gift ever. I absolutely LOVE IT! I think my kitty thinks its pretty awesome 2…" Ashley


"The girls almost cried like I did when they saw the painting. They were so blown away at your talent.
When we see your art, we appreciate the time and effort you take to craft it, and then when you see someone you love come to life on canvas, it’s more…..emotional. You really captured Pippin and her adorable-ness. Thank you so much for what you did for us." Larzo

Hi Zita, I was shocked and thrilled to unwrap a beautiful picture of our cockatiel family, Thank you so very much for creating a stunning family portrait. We had some of them for years (Bojangles 18 1/2, Daisy almost 25, Mickey 23, Captain 12 from SPCA) so we had lots of soap opera drama with love and jealousy! I'm going to hang the picture so Buddy can see it and remember his friends.Thanks again, Penny H.  

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